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  • Advantages of Dr. Brain


    Leading-level intelligent diagnosis of CNS diseases

    Intelligent identification of medical imaging, quantitative analysis of whole brain structure, assessment of brain health conditions, intelligent prediction of disease risks, and data support for clinical research

    Massive Chinese brain imaging database World-level advanced algorithms Seamless integration with clinical system Streamlined workflow Strict control of data security


    Comprehensive diagnostic services with tele-imaging platform

    Image acquisition, cloud-based storage, remote review and consultation, intelligent data analysis, and distant education

    Massive cloud-based storage Superior compatibility Intelligent image processing Rigorous security control Real-time online collaboration


    Professional brain health management services

    Disease screening, cognitive training, expert consultation, and health management guidance

    Tailor-made and personalized Multidimensional scientific intervention Professional medical support Visualized effect tracking


    Accurate neuropharmacological efficacy evaluation services

    Drug safety assessment, drug efficacy evaluation, pharmacoeconomics, and drug combination analysis

    Accurate neuroimaging analysis Comprehensive clinical efficacy indicators Visualized data presentation Authoritative clinical resources

    Create wonders with AI to achieve lifelong brain health

    Big data of Chinese brain imaging + cloud computation + world-leading AI technology



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